Women in Quality Symposium - ASQ Leadership 1531

Women in Quality Symposium - ASQ Leadership

The Women in Quality Symposium comes at a pivotal time for ASQ. As we enter 2021, we will have a female Society Chair (Janet Raddatz) and both the Technical Communities Council (Wanda Sturm) and Geographic Communities Council (Nancy Nouaimeh) will be chaired by women. This is a first for our Society and are honored for this milestone in our history

I’m sure our ASQ women leaders sometimes looked up and thought…I Can’t!  But they preserved through, reaching new levels for themselves and ASQ.  Keynote speaker, Alison Levine, address, “On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership,” will inspire you to reach for the top, move past your doubt, and attain your goals.

Attend the first-ever ASQ Women’s in Quality Symposium for this unforgettable presentation; that's a daylong virtual program offering panel discussions and networking salons, and peer-to-peer connections. Continue your ascent, attend this event.

Join your colleagues December 9 for this one-day event!  Registration closes Monday, December 7 – so register today

Only $99 for ASQ members
 $49 for students
$129 for non-members

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