We ARE Doing It!  Women In Quality Symposium 1500

We ARE Doing It! Women In Quality Symposium

In the 2019 cover story of Quality Progress, We ARE Doing It!, we decided to reach out to our members and contributors to tap into their experiences and world views on women in the quality workplace—and how they perceive the past, present and future for themselves and their peers. 
We asked:
  • What are the unique challenges they face?
  • What obstacles did they overcome?
  • What indications are there that positive changes are happening?
  • What advice would they offer to female colleagues or newcomers to the quality profession?

Now, we've decided to take it a little further by giving you the opportunity to learn from these top women in the society with the Women in Quality Symposium!  The inaugural Women in Quality Symposium will provide an interactive, inspirational environment encouraging everyone to tap into their authentic selves and move past common barriers to professional and personal growth. This virtual event will bring attendees together through interactive panel discussions, collaborative breakout sessions and an impactful keynote presentation by the first U.S. woman to lead a team to Mount Everest.

Only $99 for ASQ Members!  Learn more and register at https://asq.org/conferences/women-in-quality

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