June Membership Spotlight: Zubair Anwar 1103

June Membership Spotlight: Zubair Anwar

Zubair Anwar is a senior management professional, with more than 21 years of experience in leading and providing business solutions by way of Technological/Operational/Strategic Management, Program/Project Management, and Business Process Re-engineering. Watch his newest video on choosing the right certification program for you on youtube

Current Position:
I’m a management consultant and adjunct professor of quality and management working with different international organizations and universities.

Are you involved in any ASQ Sections or Divisions?
Yes, currently, I’m Service Quality Body of Knowledge (SQBOK) Chair in Service Quality Division since 2015. Also part of Customer-Supplier, and Human Development & Leadership divisions.

What ASQ activities do you participate in?
  • I’m Senior ASQ member since 2009, while I joined ASQ in 2007.
  • I’m an author, write books and articles for ASQ.
  • Member in Technical program Committee in World Conference on Quality & Improvement since 2016 to review the research proposals and workshops.
  • Have been participating in activities such as designing, developing, and training of certification programs including CSQP, CSSBB, CMQ/OE, CQE, CSSGB, CSSYB, CQIA
  • Have been leading a project (2015-2018) with more than 25 international subject matter experts to evolve Service Quality Wheel, which is a framework under Service Quality Body of Knowledge Version 3.0,
  • Published SQBOK V3.0 volume available on MyASQ. Featured by ASQ on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for this accomplishment.
  • Contributing to QBOK peer group to standardize QBOK model across all divisions of ASQ since 2015
  • Conducted webinar for Service Quality division as Presenter
  • Performed role as Chief Proctor for ASQ certification exams for two years.
  • Supported Customer-Supplier division in their Body of Knowledge
  • Supporting Quality Management division in an initiative for excellence model assessment globally under the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee
  • Adjunct professor at TUM School of Management since 2016 for Lean Six Sigma Professional Program on edX, featured by ASQ on LinkedIn, and Twitter for this participation reaching up to 250,000 participants worldwide this year as per TUM records.
What was your introduction to quality?

I became Manager and Senior Manager in my early career and was always eager to apply knowledge to the workplace. I wanted my Managers and staff to own their work and coordinate with each other instead of rushing to my office, letting me know how much they were working and help them coordinate. Then I came to the realization that the Quality practices and system around process and standards could help in making it possible to let people work by systems and standards effectively and also improve thereof.

Is there a teacher or mentor who influenced you more than others? Why?

I have been lucky enough to have many mentors throughout my career.
During my postgrad, I came to know about ASQ through one of my Professors, Dr. Ali Sajid.
After I joined ASQ, I got the opportunity to work and interact with many influencers. I got the opportunity to meet (late), Dr. Feigenbaum, twice in international conferences and he appreciated the research papers that I presented and it was really motivating. Later, Alejandra Vicenttin, past ASQ board member gave me the opportunity to contribute to the Service Quality division and ultimately Jan Peace officially invited me to be part of the leadership team. Dr. Jospeh De Feo invited me to contribute to Juran’s Quality Handbook in its 7th edition and still use to send his appreciations on my achievements shared with him.
Dr. Holly Ott, an American Professor at Technische University Munich (TUM) Germany urged me to reciprocate value to the global community via edX Massive Online Open Courses in Lean Six Sigma which eventually rocked as one of the top 100 MOOC ever offered worldwide. Dr. Benito Flores, past ASQ chair has always been encouraging and motivating me for all the contributions and suggestions that I always use to share. I’m indebted and obliged to all of them.

What is the best career advice you ever received?

My parents always told me “Do your part wholeheartedly and leave it to nature, it will work for you.”

Do you have a favorite quality tool?

Besides so many others, I really like Hoshin Kanri and Statistical tools in Quality and Six Sigma.

Have you published anything?
Following is a list of publications:
  • Co-author, ASQ Supply Chain Management Primer,
  • Co-author, Certified Supplier Quality Professional Handbook,
  • Sage Encyclopedia of Quality and Service Economy, co-authored articles on Customer Relationship Lifecycle, Quality of Working Life.
  • Contributor in Juran’s Quality Handbook, 7th edition
  • Editor, Co-author, Service Quality Body of Knowledge V3.0
  • Research Papers presented in international conferences
  • Articles published on LinkedIn, CERM Insights and Competitive Advantage SQD Newsletter (upcoming)
What books are you currently reading?
  • The Third Alternative by Stephen Covey
  • Bossed up by Emilie Aries
  • International Economics by Paul Krugman
What is your latest movie or song recommendation?

I’d recommend watching movies with the learnings that I was able to comprehend:
  • Gravity – How to stay composed and struggle to survive when the chances are bleak and every bad thing happens like sky falls.
  • Prometheus – Space is the final frontier and requires all the patience and perseverance while maintaining survival instincts and aim for the final target.
  • Avengers the Endgame – How the superheroes join hand and collaborate in the bigger interest to save the galaxy. This is part of edutainment and inspires viewers as change agents to improve the culture by doing selfless brave acts without wanting bounties.
Favorite Quality quote:
Quality is not an act; it is a habit – Aristotle

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