Quality Progress Foreword: Know Before They Go - Maintaining a culture of knowledge sharing


This is from the June issue of Quality Progress Foreword column by our Editor in Chief and Publisher, Seiche Sanders.  I thought it was wonderful and very insightful, so I had to share with everyone.  I know I haven't always been good about transferring my knowledge. I tend to 'do' and forget about writing out the process (so- Guilty).   Be sure to visit Quality Progress  to read more.  

Recently, someone on my team left for one of those “can’t-turn-it-down” type of job opportunities. Transitioning with two weeks’ notice in an entirely virtual work world was a new experience indeed. And despite fastidiously documented work procedures and notes, there have been hiccups and gaps galore in figuring out some of her processes and stuff she “just knew to do” that didn’t make it onto paper.

In “Transfer to Transform,” the author discusses how “the way business gets done”—aka culture—is in a constant state of change. Talk about an understatement nowadays! He contends that operational effectiveness is negatively affected by poor knowledge transfer, which makes lots of sense. But how do you fix it? Find some of the underpinnings and questions to consider for your organization in this article.

Culture is everything. Read an excerpt from author Jeff Veyera’s new Quality Press book of the same name. In “Finding the Perfect Fit,” Veyera describes how to create a cultural dimensions development grid to identify gaps between the culture you have and the one you aspire to achieve. But first you must understand what your culture is today, and some of the deficiencies might be surprising. Once you know, you can work toward the fix.

We also have a few articles that address pandemic-related topics—some information that may help you in these challenging times:

  • Rush Orders” outlines some of the quality challenges faced as organizations pivot to address market demands and requirements. Testing kits, respirators and ventilator production have all faced quality hurdles. Find out why.
  • This month’s My Quality Story columnist recaps a cruise she was on when COVID-19 was heating up (“Risky Business”). It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but it was insightful to watch the risk-mitigation strategies unfold.
  • Morale-boosting efforts have never been more necessary. Learn how to hold virtual speed-networking sessions to lift your team members’ spirits in an extra Try This Today column, “Bridging the Divide.”

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

Editor in Chief and Publisher

News ASQ News 06/09/2020