Chair, CEO Update Global Members On ASQ Transformation

Dear international members of ASQ:

We’ve undertaken an effort to transform ASQ into the modern, robust, well-respected professional association expected by our members and customers. You can read more about ASQ’s transformation at This transformation involves every member of our Society and all the businesses we work with around the world. Therefore, we would like to give you an update on our global structure and strategies for both individual and organizational membership.

Individual Global Membership
ASQ’s existing Section Affairs Council (SAC) is the structure that makes up our geographic regions in the U.S. and Canada. SAC will transition to a new Global Communities Council (GCC) to bring all individual members across the globe under the same structure. ASQ members who currently reside outside of the U.S. and Canada, including local member communities (LMCs) and student branches, will join GCC and receive the same regional representation and support.

Additionally, our members across the globe will benefit from the recently launched platform, myASQ. myASQ is an online community that supports quality professionals in their knowledge and use of quality. We are developing a plan to build myASQ communities for existing LMCs, and we expect online communities, perhaps defined by language or region, to emerge in the future. These communities will bring you exceptional value by breaking down geographic barriers, allowing you to engage at a truly global level and connect with members across the entire Society who share your passion for quality. At the same time, myASQ will help you retain the benefits of your local communities and network with others in your country or region.

You may be aware the role of country counselor is sunset as of June 30, 2018. We appreciate the selfless contributions of our country counselors and hope those of you who have served as country counselors will continue to be ASQ ambassadors by engaging and offering leadership in your local and virtual communities.

GCC representatives are excited to reach out to those of you who have served as country counselors, member leaders, and members in general to identify those who wish to serve in their respective regions and geographic communities in various capacities. GCC leadership will provide additional information about the transition of individual global members to the new structure soon.

Organizational Global Membership
ASQ currently operates outside of the U.S. and Canada in Latin America (Mexico), North Asia (China), South Asia (India), and Middle East/Africa (MEA). These global offices provide access to the quality community, training, knowledge, and credentials. We are committed to our global presence and see many opportunities for ASQ to thrive in these regions. The opportunity is especially prevalent from the perspective of establishing strong ties with international businesses and focusing our efforts on offering them organizational solutions—establishing ASQ as thought leaders.

Therefore, our global offices will begin operating under the Organizational Solutions business unit. This transition also allows us to modify our operations to work as effectively as possible and maximize the opportunities in each region:

ASQ Latin America (Mexico): We operate as a subsidiary in Mexico, but have opportunity to better integrate functions like finance, customer experience, and others to more fully support Mexico operations. We will be taking steps toward this integration later this year.

ASQ South Asia (India): Our ASQ team in India has had great success in establishing our brand and reputation while maintaining strong business relationships throughout the region. We are exploring several business models that will allow us to capitalize on our strengths in India while reducing the complexity of our global business operations.

ASQ North Asia (China) and Middle East/Africa (MEA): Our operations in China and MEA will remain unchanged.

As the Global Voice of Quality, ASQ must remain focused on bridging connections with and providing value to individuals and organizations across the world. We are excited by the opportunities this transformation presents to help us do so more effectively.

Elmer Corbin, ASQ Chair
William Troy, ASQ CEO

Posted by Kevin Braley on Jun 1, 2018 11:00 AM America/Chicago