Service Quality Division (SQD) News

The latest SQD Division newsletter is here
Highlights include:
  •  2019 A.C. Rosander Scholarship Application Period Now Open
  • Join Service Quality Division at WCQI
  • ASK SQD: Driving Service Innovation
We welcome your feedback and ideas for articles in the next edition.
Do you have a Service Quality story to share?
The strength of the Service Quality Division, and ASQ as a whole, is the broad array of expertise and skills that our members bring to the table.  One way that we encourage you to share your knowledge is by contributing newsletter articles or webinar sessions.
SQD is looking for articles and webinars that offer insights into how quality tools and concepts are applied within a service environment.  Our membership covers a broad array of industries, from financial services and health care to retail to hospitality, but we share a common focus on understanding and improving the customer experience.
For more details on the types of content particularly appealing to SQD members as well as how to submit your story, see here.
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