Section meeting May 16: The Human Side of Lean and the role of the quality manager to bring out the best from people. 721
Section meeting May 16: The Human Side of Lean and the role of the quality manager to bring out the best from people.
In Japan, the Harada Method was claimed as being the world's best process in day-to-day management, helping people to develop their skills and maximize their capabilities. Over 90,000 people have been trained in the method. I've written a book on the method. I have taught it at Portland State University and am now working on a mobile APP for both the iPhone and the Android. Every corporation should have a long-term vision and be able to work out the steps necessary to attain it. Also, every individual should have a goal that will help them be successful in this life and know how to monitor their progress. When younger, I was never asked to have a goal. I just followed what my parents and teachers told me to do. I believe in this method. I will show you how to do it and give you a set of forms to get started.  I enjoy presenting and I feel that we will have a wonderful time together.

Presented by Norman Bodek a noted author and publicist.  His most recent books;
  • A Miraculous Life – An Unending Search for Freedom is based on the idea that everyone has the innate power to do fantastic things. Management just has to value and inspire them to develop their skills to their maximum capability;
  • Harada Method, based on self-reliance, is a proven way for people to pick goals for personal success, create detailed career and life plans to attain those goals, daily monitor themselves, work with a coach and also be a coach while helping their organizations improve their performance (Harada’s most famous student Shohei Otani joined the Los Angeles Angels);
  • Happiest Company to Work For! – Mirai Industries in Japan has never lost money in 50 years, has obtained the most patents for a company its size, fully differentiates itself and asks every employee to be totally self-reliant.
Education: University of Wisconsin, New York University, New York University Graduate (Stern) School of Business     
Current projects: I teach the Harada Method over I am also editing a book by Dr. Hiroshi Nagata, which I hope will revolutionize medical care in America

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Thursday May 16th, 2019 8:30pm CDT
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Thursday May 16th, 2019 10:30pm CDT
Clark College
1933 Fort Vancouver Way
Gaiser Hell, Conference Room PUB 258 B
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United States
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