ASQ San Antonio April 2021 Virtual Meeting: "The Business World After COVID-19"
Speaker John Knotts

If change in business wasn’t hard enough, along comes some virus out of left field to totally disrupt the world. COVID-19 turned into a Clarion Call for businesses in so many ways!

It was mid-January 2020, and I was sitting with the CEO of Santikos Theater, Tim Handren. We were talking about risk and how important it was to consider everything that might happen to your business. Tim was talking about this thing called “Coronavirus” and how movie theaters could have never planned for it. At the time, theaters in China were shutting down due to the virus – it had not hit our shores yet.
I had not even heard about this coronavirus when I had this conversation. At that time, I wondered what impact it could possibly have on this CEO’s business mind, let alone the impact on other businesses across the country.

The world had seen pandemics before. In 1968-1969, an estimated 1 million worldwide died and about 100,000 died in the United States. I was still a little kid when this happened, and my mother barely remembers it. Will this be true for COVID-19? Will it be soon forgotten?
By mid-April 2020, unemployment in the United States hit 22 million (14 percent). A month later, unemployment numbers exceeded 36 million (22 percent). Goldman Sachs warned that the real jobless rate will peak at 35 percent, up from the bank’s previous projection for a peak of 29 percent.

Just in my local neighborhood alone, entire strip malls of businesses shuttered their doors before even coming out of the first lockdown. Many more will close before the country finally fully opens back up. Even those that make it through the pandemic restrictions might not last through the rest of 2021.

So, what does a business today need to do to survive in this ‘New Normal,’ as it is being called? What does the future of business look like? If you want to be successful in business post-COVID, what should you focus on?


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Tuesday April 13th, 2021 6:30pm CDT
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Tuesday April 13th, 2021 8:00pm CDT
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