ASQ Inspection Division - JUNE 2024 Webinar (0.1 RU) - IEC 60601-1 Inspection Time Error

When:  Jun 11, 2024 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  Inspection Division
Webinar Topic: What is the risk-based time between inspections for medical oxygen supply equipment subject and electric sparks? IEC 60601-1 says “The cause of the hazardous situation is: a leak occurs and is not detected, some time later an electrical failure occurs that starts an ignition. The time interval tc for checking the seals can be calculated as…” tc=r/(0.5*pe*po)” (pe=electrical failure, po=O2 leak, r=acceptable risk) Deven Subramony asked me, what is the 0.5 for? The correct tc is…Presentation includes spreadsheet table to help evaluate risks by sources.

Progress in Artificial Stupidity: ISO 14224 requires lifetime data. But GAAP requires data is statistically sufficient to make nonparametric estimates of field reliability for oxygen leaks, electrical failures, products, parts, and for survival functions for epidemics!

Speaker Info: LARRY GEORGE - BS Eng and MBA, UCLA, PhD IE&OR + statistics, UC Berkeley, INFORMS, SOLE, ASA, ASQ CRE and fellow. After BS Eng., I worked as a drafting-board engineer for Douglas Aircraft Co. on Saturn S-IV booster (Apollo Project). During and after PhD, I taught OR and statistics for 11 years at Cal State San Jose and Hayward, U of British Columbia, U Louisville, and Texas A&M. Then I worked 11+ years Lawrence Livermore Lab (LLNL) on: seismic safety of nuclear power plants, fusion power maintenance, laser Isotope separation, microwave damage, Nevada test reliability, little nukes, safing nuclear artillery,...

I left LLNL to work in the real-world at Apple, Abbot Diagnostics, Applied Materials, and Triad (now Epicor). Triad made so much $$$ from reliability statistics, auto parts demand forecasts, and stock recommendations that a competitor bought Triad in leveraged buy-out and laid us off. So I work for anyone who wants reliability statistics.
Interesting contracts: Agilent (interferometers), Applied Materials, Brocade, CA Hish-Speed rail, J&J (glucometers), Marvin Windows, SELInc (EEPROMs), Solyndra, UniPhase (lasers), USAF Logistics Command (engines).

Interesting Freebies: Apple, ASA Statistics Without Borders, Belgian Air Component (C130s), Cessna (Lycoming engines), Chronim (covered calls), GE (MRI), GM, International Rescue Committee (Afghan Refugees), Lab126 (Amazon), Medtronic (pacemakers), Northern Telecom, SanDisk, Seagate, Tesco, Tesla, UK-NHS (breast implants), US: Army (M88-A1), DoT, FDA, FAA, WABTec (Calgary), WHO (epidemics).

Recent publications are on,,, and old publications are in ASQ Reliability Reviews. 


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