EDGe PARTNER EVENT: Continuous Improvement is a Mobius Strip

When:  Dec 13, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Government Division
Title: Continuous Improvement is a Mobius Strip
 Speaker: Ms. Grace Duffy
Abstract: As quality professionals, we work with the PDCA or DMAIC improvement cycles. These are excellent techniques. Working with them in a vacuum does not get us to our goal. The Mobius strip illustrates the never-ending process of improvement. Activities associated with the Macro, Meso, Micro, and Individual “QI” levels are drivers along a Mobius Strip of continuous improvement. At the Macro level, a systems perspective guides senior leadership to define the mission and vision of the organization. Advanced quality tools enable strategic identification of internal and external requirements at the Meso level. The Meso level contains the program planning and deployment that translate strategic vision and long-range outcomes into local projects or activities for specific agency needs. The Micro level encompasses the projects and programs instituted at the functional unit level. Feedback at all levels enables agility in anticipating internal and external change. This constant folding in of feedback from macro, meso, micro, and individual activities gives government agencies valuable advanced intel to meet the changing needs of our constituents. Join us in discussing the value of aligning quality activities using feedback across all agency levels.
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