FREE WEBINAR: How to Make and Interpret a statement of Conformity in a Calibration Report

When:  Jul 23, 2024 from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Measurement Quality Division

ASQ Fellow and Measurement Quality Division Past Chair, Dilip Shah, shares his wisdom and knowledge to help consumers and producers of calibration services understand or make statements of conformity on calibration reports.

Statements of conformity are declarations such as "Pass/Fail", "In-Tolerance / Out-of-Tolerance" for measurements when compared to tolerances. Interpreting these statements and the data are often struggles because one might simply just not know how to do so.

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Abstract: When a calibration report is provided by a calibration supplier, a typical concern for the customer is to know if the item calibrated is within the tolerance specified so it can be used with confidence. While this traditional approach is still thought to be fine over the years, measurement science has evolved where it is not a simple binary issue of a “pass” or “fail” status within manufacturer’s specification.

The learning objectives of this presentation are:
• Understanding the decision rules for a statement of conformity
• Specifying the conformity requirements by the customer.
• How measurement uncertainty impacts a decision rule.
• How a statement of conformity should be reported.
• Understanding the conformity decision and minimizing the risk for a safer use of the calibrated item with confidence.