Better Presentation Skills - The Art of Persuasion

When:  Jun 18, 2024 from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Medical Device Division

Often, nothing strikes more terror into the hearts of students, young professionals, and otherwise seasoned competent professionals when asked to present information to an audience. The challenge of effectively presenting information is more than just standing in front of a room and speaking clearly. It begins, like most endeavors, with planning and preparation.

Besides knowing the topic, good presenters know their audience so that they can anticipate not only what the audience will want to know, but also how they will want to hear it and what they might question. In this way, presenters will be able to build good presentation materials and be more confident once they are in front of the audience. 

Building good materials is also fraught with danger in that even good information presented in a poor format will result in losing the audience’s confidence in the presenter and missing important messaging. Presenters often forget that the most valuable part of the presentation is them, and as a result, try to cram too much information into each slide or choose distracting or ineffective ways to convey concepts.  Once actually in front of the audience, speaking style becomes the key to success.  We can all likely think of a presentation that was almost painful to watch as well as one that was so smooth that we wondered with admiration how someone got to be so good.

This session is intended to address all of these fears, misconceptions, and bad experiences by presenting tips and tricks that, with practice, can help anyone become more persuasive and influential with audiences large and small. 

Steve will be onsite to help you know how to:

  • Deliver better presentations and be more confident when doing so

  • Gain a better understanding of the amount of preparation required to be a better presenter

  • Learn Do’s and Don’ts for preparing effective presentation materials

  • Develop a “game plan” for before, during, and after a presentation

  • Understand how the new “Zoom” world changes presentation techniques

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your questions directly to Steve, joining the discussion on how to be prepared and present without fear.


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