Webinar "Process Design Under Duress​ - Agile Process Design Using Virtual Prototyping​" by Bill Hat

When:  Nov 28, 2023 from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM (BST)
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This session offers new thinking on Advanced Quality Planning through Agile Process Design, a combination of best methods drawn from Design Thinking, Agile Software Development, Lean Startup, and Design for Six Sigma.  Participants will learn how AI can be used to accelerate the development of customer requirements and concept ideation, and will be introduced to virtual process prototyping, a tool to stress-test new process designs prior to launch.  

28th November, 2023 (18:00 GMT/UMT) (UK time) 

RU will be available to attendees   

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William Hathaway is CEO and founder of MoreSteam, which was launched in Feb. of 2000 as an internet-based process improvement technology platform.  Prior to creating MoreSteam, Bill was a commercial lender for several years, then spent 13 years in manufacturing, quality, and operations management.  Bill spent 10 years of his career at Ford Motor Co., then held executive level operations positions with Raytheon at Amana Home Appliances, and with Mansfield Plumbing Products.  Bill earned an undergraduate finance degree from the University of Notre Dame, and graduate degree in business finance and operations from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.   

MoreSteam is the leading global provider of blended learning solutions for Lean Six Sigma.  The company offers a comprehensive enterprise process improvement system, including a full suite of online Lean Six Sigma courses and simulations, Engine Room data analysis software, and TRACtion project management software.  MoreSteam online courses have been used by over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies to train over 650,000 people around the globe.