ASQ Inspection Division - June 13, 2023 Webinar (0.1 RU) - The Need for Excellence in NDT Training

When:  Jun 13, 2023 from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM (CT)
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ASQ Inspection Division Webinar

June Webinar- The Need for Excellence in NDT Training

Tuesday, June 13th - 7:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. CT / 5:00 p.m. MT / 4:00 p.m. PT

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In this presentation the Need for Excellence in NDT Training will be discussed in detail by Charles (Chuck) Hellier, P.E. – the founder and former President of Hellier Technical Training and Consulting, as well as the author the "Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation", published by McGraw-Hill (now in the 3rd edition).

Chuck has been active in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) since 1957.  He has contributed extensively to the field of Quality and Inspection through his work in NDT and is well known across many industries and professional societies.  He holds memberships in ASME, ASTM, ASM, AWS, and ASNT (Lifetime, Fellow, and Past President).


Prior to the advent of some of the qualification programs such as SNT-TC-1A, MIL-STD-410E (now NAS-410), and others, NDT training was mostly unorganized if, in fact, it was done at all. In many cases, early training was assigned to an individual who had gained experience by performing NDT or following instructions provided by equipment or product manufacturers. 

Several companies offered courses that were primarily focused on the use of specific equipment they manufactured with some theory and principles thrown in. In addition to these industry courses, some of the local ASNT sections (SNT at that time) attempted to fill the need for NDT training through short courses.

Most were conducted in cooperation with local technical schools or colleges, but these early efforts left much to be desired. The Body of Knowledge (BOK) had not been developed and there were no recommended course outlines. Reference books and publications to supplement these courses were limited.

The first NDT Handbook, a two-volume, in-depth reference set that covered the major methods, was published In June 1959. Today, there are numerous reference materials available to be used in NDT courses. There are many training companies that offer both scheduled and onsite programs and those who provide specialized and advanced courses.

Overall, the technology of NDT deserves and requires excellence in training programs. This is not always a goal that is achieved. This Webinar will offer the key elements necessary to provide high-level, and effective training courses to achieve that goal.

  • The evolution of NDT training.
  • The NDT course syllabus.
  • NDT course essentials.
  • Course presentation.
  • Hands-on lab sessions.


Charles J. Hellier, P.E. – The Summit Group, LLC (founder and former President of Hellier Technical Training and Consulting).

Charles (Chuck) Hellier founded and was former President of Hellier Technical Training and Consulting.  After the acquisition of his Company 1998, he continued as President then General Manager until 2003. He then consulted for the company until 2011 when he formed The Summit Group, LLC with Jim Treat. He also co-founded and became Vice President of NDT Classroom, where he developed and provided extensive online NDT training courses until his retirement in February 2023.

Chuck has been active in the Technology of Nondestructive Testing and related Quality and Inspection fields since 1957.  During this time, he provided extensive training, consultation, and engineering services to a broad range of industries including aerospace, construction, power generation, shipbuilding, chemical, transportation, and others.

He authored the "Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation", published by McGraw-Hill and the 3rd edition was recently published. He completed his formal education at Penn State University and Temple University. He held an ASNT Level III Certificate in five methods for fifty-five years. a Registered Professional Engineer and a Board-Certified Forensic Examiner. He holds memberships in ASME, ASTM, ASM, AWS, and ASNT (Lifetime, Fellow, and Past President). He is also Past President, Honorary Member, and has remained active with the Nondestructive Testing Management Association (NDTMA).  

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