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Hi everyone. I am back in the automotive world after a 6 year hiatus in Appliance Industry. I am having some difficulty figuring out how to attack CSR audits for our Tier I customers. LOTS of disparate info- not nearly as simple as the IATF linked OEM bulletins from oversight. Any suggestions out there?

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Hi Matt Clark‍, I am the immediate past chair of the Social Responsibility Technical Community. Fairly large question to answer in a post. I do research (faculty member) on CSR and ESG performance and would be happy to set up a call and chat a bit if you would like. Email is mintuolo@rmu.edu. What is your starting point? I assume that there are some process and proceedures in place that you are working from, though that might be a bad assumption. If nothing else, you might want to start with ISO 26000 guidelines.

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