"Special" Processes exemption taken incorrectly.
I am curious if anyone has run into the following situation- During review of an ISO 9001-2015 related Quality Manual, I noticed a statement that indicated the certificate holder "Had no special processes". As this facility had Heat Treating, Wet and Dry Painting, and Welding operations I found this curious. After a robust discussion it was agreed that there were "Special Processes" in use at the facility and a Non-conformance was issued. I would like to know if anyone has come across this situation and if anyone has been able to convince you Heat Treating, Painting and Welding are not Special Process. I used the Standard and ISO 9000:2015 to make my argument. Is there another quick reference/definition that could be presented? This is the first time I have run into this in over 25 years of auditing. You really do learn something new on every audit!
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As per industry practice the following are special process
Welding, painting, PWHT, NDE, GRE bonding, Concreting, grouting, HDPE fusion bonding, FBE coating, cable jointing, roto-lining, glass flake lining.,
A special process is considered to be executed in accordance with documented and Qualified procedure and personnel who executing the activity shall be requiring qualification to demonstrate their skill to execute the activity.
I don't see any document stating which are special processes or not.