Audit Finding Terminology
Hi everyone, I was going through my old documentation on auditing related topics and came across the types of findings in an audit.  There wasn't a source in my documentation for the definitions but I thought I got it from an ASQ auditing course.  See below:

1. Non-conformance (Minor or Major)

    Breakdown, or partial breakdown of a process in the Quality Management System(QMS)
    An audit non-conformance typically requires:
    -Root cause analysis
    -Root cause elimination
    -Change to how the process is to be performed
    Requires Corrective Action Request to document action taken.

2. Observation

    Minor deviation from an otherwise well-implemented process.
    Minor oversight on the part of the auditee.
    Root cause analysis is not often required for observations.
    Observations may be recorded on an Audit Action List.
    Observation may be treated as a minor non-conformance when multiple similar nature of observations were detected on Audit Action Item List.

3. Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)

    OFI is a finding based on facts and data that shows a potential improvement opportunity.
    Action is not required for an OFI.

Can anyone point me to a source for these or are these just industry standard definitions?  Does anyone have any recommendations for better terminology to use?

Thanks for any input.