8D and IATF Standard

Hello dear fellow members,

I wanted to ask if anyone could help me understand if using 8D methodology is a requirement for IATF certification? 

I’d appreciate your response, thoughts, and advises


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Trish Borzon
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Hi  Babak Baghaei‍  - I'm tagging a couple of people from the Automotive Division that might be able to Lou Ann Lathrop‍ and Lisa Rosenbaum‍ .  Do either of you know more about this?  or can you suggest a connection?
thanks for you help
I would have to double check the standard to find the clause, I know most OEMS require it to be used or they will have their own form. Don't quote me, but I believe the standard just requires a formal process for problem solving; 8D problem solving meets that requirement along with the utilization of various problem solving tools.
Thanks Robert!