Good morning all.

My name is Gerardo Andres Moreno Yepez, and I have been an ISO auditor in quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management for 15 years. Since 2000 I have researched and developed some tools for the technical management of crisis and risk typologies, and I have created something called the Potenciar Model, a new method for analyzing non-conformities Potenciar-AM, and an implementation guide called Potenciar 1224: 2019, which is a very useful tool that is already being implemented in some organizations. I would like the ASQ community to know about this tool, which has certain additional elements that the ISO standards do not have and that also integrates elements that some ISO standards have in a separate and fragmented way; It also includes a very innovative concept that is to consider the management of phases in time for the various types of problems, risks and crises. How could I make this known to the ASQ community and perhaps how we could work together to have the support, now more than ever where the need to have a technical management of crisis typologies is evident before they show these phases of destruction.