Outsourcing supplier qualification audits
I am looking into the feasibility of outsourcing supplier qualification audits for some of my company's international suppliers. We are a biotech company that makes a process aid for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing which is not subject to GMP requirements. 
I would like the community's input on reputable, independent firms who can be contracted to perform such audits on our behalf. Thanks!
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Brittany Crocco‍  - I pinned this to the top, hoping someone might know someone....doesn't seem to be helping.  I'll trying tagging a few people I know in hopes they might be able to help you. 

James Rooney‍ , Duke Okes‍ , Amanda Foster‍ , Susanne Burke‍, Billi Jo Johnson‍ - Could you provide any insights?  
Duke Okes
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No recommendations here but I would personally start by searching the web for auditing firms located in the country/region where the suppliers are located.

And of course, depending on how complex the purchased component is a virtual audit along with prototype analysis (if feasible from a cost standpoint) could suffice, especially if supported by communications with other customers of the same supplier.
Brittany - try this - I have seen many of our customers have used their services to audit their suppliers. https://www.sqaservices.com/our-process/stepq/  
And the other option is to try Quality Auditing - https://www.qualityauditing.com/general-inquiries/services/
Thank you all for your input! I am on my way with getting an audit scheduled now and appreciate your responses.