Job Descriptions
Should job descriptions be controlled documents in ISO 9001:2015?
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Hi Keith,
My opinion on this, and based on things I have seen when auditing QMSs. If the job description is used for evaluating competency, then it might make sense to have revision control. That way when the competency is evaluated, the user of that document knows it is the latest. If the job description provides guidance for job responsibilities related to "quality tasks" or leadership decision making, controlled makes sense. Of course, it also depends on your company's stance on document control. 

All the best,
Jodi McMahon
Hello Jodi,
I like and appreciate your response.  I was thinking along the lines you provided but I did not have your eloquent words.  It makes sense to control job descriptions if they are being used as an evaluation tool.  In our case they are used to find a good fit candidate for the role we are wishing to fill

Best Regards,
Keith Boehler.
Hi Keith Boehler,
As a Lead Audit about 6 years experience, my answer to your question is: Yes.
The JDs are the part of your QMS's documented information, they describe roles and responsibilities of the QMS relevant jobs, they have to be up to date and under the control.
Yes JOb description must have   a revision so when this change it et documented ,but their are not level 1 or 2 documents being level 1 the Quality Manual and  level 2 the corporate procedures , this job description can be level 3 o plant level documents