Hi there,
I would like to know if there any guideline on what to do in case there is a chance that we sent defective product. What is the responsibility and/or the liability?
Any advice will be appreciated
Thank you!

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Duke Okes
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It will depend on the industry you're in, the related product risks, and any applicable regulations.
Hi Duke,
Thank you for the prompt reply,
We are making flanges for oil, gas and water pipes do you have any experience with this type of products? Do you know of any regulation that will apply?
Thanks again
Duke Okes
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I've worked with natural gas distribution, but not at the level to know all the regs.  However, since the industry has a big potential impact on the environment and safety I know there are lots of regulations, at least in the US.  One place I would start would be looking at the American Petroleum Institute who develops standards, and the US Department of Transportation which includes coverage of pipelines and transportation of hazardous materials.
Thank you, I appreciate that!