Want to out source Internal Audit
Hi all,

My company has been performing our own internal audit (we are ISO9001 certified) using our own employee resources, with limited resources it is a pain to stay on top, so I am look to find an outside consultant to do this. Does anyone have good recommendation? What are the key factor to how to pick one?

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Hi Cherry,

I am happy to discuss further possibilities to help your business. 

My consulting business has expertise in Quality Management Systems and I do audit companies as extended capability for them.

I can connect with you off line if you would like.

My profile / expertise is further described on my linkedin profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahacoviello/

Kind regards-Deb

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Some potential criteria to consider:
- Local (to avoid travel expenses)
- Willing to use e-audits/virtual audits? (see: http://www.amazonconsultinginc.com/auditing/)
- Do they need industry experience?
- Are you focused primarily on compliance to ISO or will you also want broader evaluations?
- Any required education or auditor certification?

I'd definitely start by contacting your local ASQ section.