PO standard terms and conditions
For any Supply Chain professionals out there...I have a  question:

Do you have standard terms and conditions for all PO's sent out to suppliers worldwide? How do you manage local regulations and Primary contract terms and conditions?

I've been advised that all T&C's are to be 'handled' by local project teams rather than the Global Function, so we potentially may have hundreds of project teams using different T&C's for our suppliers.

Surely there should be a minimum set of T&C's set by the Global Function with the flexibility of local teams to add in any particular local T&C's if the standard ones don't cover it already.

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We use standard PO terms and conditions, but may use supply agreements when key suppliers, which are based on a standard template. The standard language references applicable laws and regulations. Some specific requirements have been applied more generically to all suppliers based on a review and determination that this should be done. You can find examples of PO Terms and conditions on the internet - ours is on our supplier page - see https://www.bench.com/supply-chain. When you search, you can use your industry, use the standards that you need folks to compliance, etc. - there are literally thousands of these on the internet. As an example, folks are starting to incorporate the requirements of AS9146 into their purchase orders. I searched for "po terms and conditions AS9146 FOD" and had 13,600 results on bing.