AS9100:2016RevD - Documented information
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We are working for an aerospace company in UAE.
My question is, if we have developed a checklist for inspection of incoming parts, is it necessary to record its document/revision number? This checklist is not an inspection report but just a checklist if all documents are completed from supplier's end like coating report, material certificate etc.

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Dear Mustapha,
I will deal with this checklist in two levels:
1- Checklist as template that anyone can pick and use. It is saved under Level 3 of QMS documentation
2 - Documented information - record, which I will title according to the subject and assign a revision, date and name of the checker, and save under level 4.
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Duke Okes 1670
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Yes, it is advisable to have a revision level and record it somewhere.  That way if someone decides to change the contents of the checklist it will be easier to know which is the latest/correct edition.