Aerospace BAC 5651 and 5650 Hardness And Conductivity
We have been making aluminum Boeing parts for years.  I took over as Quality Manager last year, and I keep running into finding problems that no one caught before.  I just have some general questions on the specs and what is actually required.  I see that for conductivity meters they state to calibrate every 6 months.  We have an older autosigma meter.  The new one is about $5500.  I cant seem to find any other one on the market that is compliant that doesn't cost as much.  We were looking into getting a second due to the fact of having to now calibrate every 6 months.

For our hardness tester.  Is what I am reading correct?  That you need to certify the tester every 4 months.  We have been calibrating it annually with the verification check each day before use.  How would one be certified to do hardness testing and could a company certify the hardness tester themselves?
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