Generalized Extreme Studentized Deviate
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Hello Members,

I got to know about the Generalized Extreme Studentized Deviate (ESD) test from the United States Pharmacopoeia, and I learnt that it can be used to detect outliers. I have been looking for the Critical Values to be used in the test for comparing against the normalized data. I found a sheet on the internet containing critical values, but it contains only 15 values. My question is: Is the ESD test meant for use on limited data? Or can you please direct me to any source for the complete set of critical values?

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Siddharth Sanghvi‍,

While I am personally not familiar with this test, I was able to find the following:

The NIST Engineering Statistics Handbook provides this description:

The GESD test has been implemented in R (freely downloadable open source statistical software) in at least two packages;
- as gesdTest in the PMCMRplus package
- and as rosnerTest in the EnvStats package

I hope this is useful.
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Thank you Mr. Rowe for the information.