ISO 10007:2017 Configuration Management
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Good Morning Peers! I am seeking some information regarding Configuration Management. (This ISO is a guided addition to the 9001.) Configuration Management assists a company in ensuring the integrity of information throughout its life cycle (think of it as a guide to controlling and communicating documented information). It has been posed to me the option of taking over as the Configuration Manager for a project that will span multiple facilities and organizations. I am trying to learn all that I can about what it means and what I would be undertaking, but this is a small field and there is little information out there for the quality side of configuration. There is a lot of knowledge about Tech and software control, but nothing on quality and project documents for manufacturing.

Is anyone able to guide, or just want to talk and bounce ideas?

First Question: What is the point of Configuration Status Accounting? Is it just a snapshot of the current status to be reported/saved as a backup point?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Emily,

I'm not an expert, but I have been digging around for more information in this area.
I came across a tool I used during my aviation industry days and I found it helpful:

The IAQG has a Supply chain Management handbook (all free on line), and there's a Configuration Management section under Plan & Manage that is very helpful. I can email you the info, but there's so much more on the website to play with. They even have a couple of recorded Webinars from 2014 for configuration management, but I haven't listened to these yet.

I hope this helps :)

Emily Labs
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Nada, thank you for the link. I have been doing more research and the pool of information is still scarce. I did find something in my Quality Control Handbook (3rd edition), but it was written back in the 70's and it talked about the new field of computers and their role in Quality. It was interesting seeing their insight in those early days of technology and Quality, but it didn't offer much else. i talked to our BSI auditor, (over 20 years of auditing experience) and he had no insights for me either. I am going to a 45001 class next week, so i am hoping that the trainer will know something.