In 2020, the board began a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative that included forming a team to develop ways to improve ASQ’s efforts in this area and to create a survey to measure our members’ viewpoints on this subject. Also, this was included in the ASQ Strategic Planning going forward. In 2023, Belonging (B) was added to the acronym DEI. Personally, it is still unclear to me as to why that was included when many organizations including mine focus on DEI (we have a DEI Coordinator). However, that is a discussion for another day as this post is on the first letter of DEIB - Diversity.

Last week my post challenged women who are Senior Members and interested in serving on a future board as Treasurer to give serious thought about applying whenever the board nomination cycle opens up. This week I am offering up a new challenge.

ASQC/ASQ has been in existence for over 75 years. The Society has had many Presidents and Chairs in that time. Pictures of them reside on the 5th Floor of the ASQ building. Here is a list of them:


In terms of diversity, we have had white males as Presidents/Chairs, nonwhite males, and white females. One group is however missing based on what I see and read.

I am not a fan of selecting someone just to be selecting an individual (aka a quota) and I am not a member of the Nominating Committee but I hope before the end of this decade that there is some talented nonwhite female who will ascend to this highest leadership position. I’ve worked on committees, councils, etc. with many who have the devotion for ASQ plus a vision for the Society to lead us. The board just needs some nominees to consider. It is a three year commitment so not to be taken lightly. Thus this week’s challenge - there must be one among you who can look deep down and give this some serious consideration in the future.

This is my 75th post on myASQ. Some of these may make it to the new platform later on this year as we migrate to a better system to communicate with our members. We will hear more about what is in store in the coming months. As always – WE are ASQ.