If You're Happy and You Know It...Scan this Code??

I came across this item in a rather unusual place.


It was in a stall in a restroom at the Corpus Christi Airport. I have used a similar set of images (without the QR codes of course) twenty years ago at a hospital I was working at. There were metrics attached to each Green Smiley Face, Yellow So-so Face , and Red Frown Face, much like the RYG stoplight approach. Rather that plastering the hallways with pages of numbers and graphs, I provided each department with their scorecard in an easy format.

It is unclear to me what actions would be taken with each of these images. Happy that the restroom is clean, that one I understand. Now I could see images that mean “Satisfactory” or “Needs Attention” being of some use, maybe the Yellow and Red ones mean this.

Now to using this information. Does someone track to see if there is a significant difference in responses throughout the day or the day of the week? Do they breakout the responses by gender? Are the percentages of “Happy” clicks tracked over time to establish a trend?

Listening to our customers, regardless of where they are at, helps a deliverer of a product or service understand the customer's experiences and explore opportunities to do better. I do appreciate the ability to provide Voice of the Customer data and the convenience of the QR code. Usually most of these facilities have only a phone number to call if there is an issue.

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@Steven Schuelka
I don't scan QCR codes hanging out in public. They are a perfect way for people to put malware on your phone or do other ‘bad’ stuff to it. The company may have put up good QCR codes, but a ‘bad’ person could put their own QCR code over those that can put malware on your phone. Google “Malware from QCR codes” and you'll see it is an issue.

The company may have good intentions to show they care about the cleanliness of the restroom, but I would look for a better way that doesn't cause issues to a person's phone. Maybe a number to text. I might do that if I found a filthy bathroom.