I need to learn to see a way to improve process and cut cost.

Its a bit of a frustration with me. Year after year, our executives are pushing for us to reduce cost. And it seems we never success to the level they want. Its like they make the statement we need you to innovate and be creative and improve our processes and save money. Then they drop the mike and walk off. Job done.

I think all the low hanging fruit is gone and those ideas we come up with end up biting us later. So I'm looking for a systematic process to follow to see into our existing processes and discover waste and ways to improve. Kaizen? Maybe. But I need Kaizen for process improvement and not production improvements. The process I oversee is the product verification and DVP&R. I want to review our current practice and look for lean and robust practice.

Any ideas where to begin? Improving a staff process versus a factory process?

And I think “fear of failure" should be one of the Kaizen wastes.


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@Thomas Strong
Hi Thomas, When it comes to cost effective process, I always go with cost of quality project. I think that's the best approach.

@Thomas Strong words from letters
I think when the process is not suitable for the current production system, it will easily lead to reduced work efficiency. I think it is possible to negotiate with the team leader and have your department's recommendations to higher-level managers