Best Statistical Package?

Hi All, What was the best statistical software package you used for your process improvement project ? What were pros and cons of the software

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Ajoy Basu
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@Suresh Kumar Raja

There are robust packages like Minitab or JMP. They are validated but are expensive and have steep learning curves.

There are excel-based packages like Q1 macros and Sigma XL. There are cheaper than above.

80+% of process improvement can be done using 10-15 tools (fishbone, variable and attribute msa, process capability, t-test, anova, regression, control chart, etc.). So easiest is to create excel-based worksheets for these common tools and validate using Minitab prior to use.

Jay Arthur
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@Suresh Kumar Raja
When you say statistical package do you mean SPC, pure statistics or both?

There are Excel-based packages such as QI Macros.

There are standalone packages such as Minitab.

How much do you want to spend per license? Under $500 or over $1000? Do you want to pay annually or one-time?

Who will be using the software? Statisticians, Black Belts, Green Belts or no-belts?

You might need a standalone and an Excel-based tool kit.

There is no one right answer. It depends on your requirements.

Meta Brown
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@Suresh Kumar Raja

The best choice of software depends on your specific situation. I worked in the software industry for many years, and have found that many people focus too much on products and not enough on their own applications and goals.

Let me offer a little example. A client once came to me with a very nice graphic report - several attractive and useful charts neatly organized. The report was created using a popular product which was and still is widely used for quality improvement applications. He wanted me to create a similar report.

The products available to me could generate the same information, but in a form that was not nearly so compact or attractive. The results were downright ugly, but the client was still willing to buy, because I could offer one thing he really wanted - automation. The ugly option saved expensive labor and reduced the risk of errors.

The client had already bought the product that made the pretty reports, so that was money and time wasted before he found what he really needed. This was a common occurrence; we sold a lot of software to people who bought the wrong thing first.

Save yourself money and aggravation. Carefully assess your needs, then ask around about products that meet those requirements.

@Suresh Kumar Raja Easy and powerful - take a look at EngineRoom by Moresteam. Here's a link, and you can start a 30-day trial.

David Harry
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@Suresh Kumar Raja
I have had the pleasure to use most of the SPC software packages mentioned in this discussion thread. My response is the typical Black Belt answer is “it depends”. Some packages are known for their in-depth Help files and Index. I recall the Minitab Help files are almost a Six Sigma course. The Con is the license cost and changes to concurrent licensing over the years.

I found's EngineRoom to be unique and is a breakthrough data analysis software with its web-bases application and GUI drag and drop interface. EngineRoom also includes some powerful, yet easy to use, graphical analysis tools. Most of these graphical tools like the Fishbone diagram, MSA, SPC charts, VOC and DOE are amazing. The EngineRoom pricing model is also simple and doesn't bug you with upgrade fees. If you take a course, it is likely it will include a 1 year EngineRoom license.

I have also used SigmaXL and worked with many clients that love it.

Again, my response on which is the best data analysis software depends on what is important to you (costs, ease of use, help files, graphical analysis, SPC, licensing, installation, reputation, upgrade options). You decide what fits you best.

@Suresh Kumar Raja
I suggest Sigma XL. It's user friendly, un-expensive and has a great technical support.