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Lan Nguyen
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I am searching for an alternative platform to house, track, monitor, and report on CAPAs. We are currently using SAP but it comes with many drawbacks.

  1. Not user-friendly from both end-user and administration sides such as what information is required, what is not required?
  2. Not easy to customize without going through IT which it is a scarce resource within my organization. So any changes we want can take months to be implemented

Ideally, I am looking for a platform that requires minimum support from IT with some customization abilities such as making a field required or not required, set access or right based on job function, etc. Our organization has several business units so if the platform can allow admin from each site to tailor to their needs would be great.

If you can mention some names or share some experiences (what working and not working, overall thoughts, etc) of the platform(s) you used or are using currently, it will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for taking time to read this post.


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@Lan Nguyen
Hi Lan, In my previous job we used “PLEX” as our ERP system and I think one of its powerful tools was its CAPA and SCAR platform.

@Lan Nguyen
I have been very happy with the performance and ability to customize BPI by Qualitech Solutions. I can chat with you if you'd like.

@Mahboubeh Shabani Samghabadi I have used both SAP and PLex. Plex is so much better and easier to use. An admin can customize it with the drop down information that is unique.

@Lan Nguyen
IQMS has a good CAPA module