Trish Borzon
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Hi everyone,

Today is my last day at ASQ. Thank you all for being part of this wonderful community. There have been so many members who have been so helpful answering questions. A special thank you to @Duke Okes, @Grace Duffy, @Steven Prevette, and @Andre Kleyner for being my ambassadors. It has been a pleasure working with you.

All my best


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Grace Duffy
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@Trish Borzon Trish, I am so sad that we have lost you. I understand the need to move on. Know that you have made a HUGE difference. Love,


Vera Mulbah
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@Trish Borzon Wishing you all the best

David Woods
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@Trish Borzon Very sorry to hear that you are leaving Trish! You have always been most helpful and encouraging to me and I will miss you. Also, you always gave new members such a nice, warm welcome. Best wishes and prayers on your future endeavors!

Trish, thank you for your 22 years of positive and encouraging engagement. I am also grateful for the many excellent photographs taken over the years at special events.

Thank you Trish Borzon‍ for all your support.
Especially your warm welcome.
Best wishes for the next.

@Trish Borzon thank you for your great work. I'm glad I had a chance to meet you in person. Good luck with your new job, we'll miss you.

Thanks for your service. You will be missed.

Alway great working with you!

@Trish Borzon
Thanks for all you did, and best wishes in your next chapters

Trish Borzon‍,
Sad to see you go.
Happy for new beginnings for you.

‍Trish Borzon,
May You Always Be Blessed Wherever You Go.
May the Sun Shine Upon You.
May the Wind Always Be at Your Back.

Your service to ASQ and my contact with you
was always a positive experience.

Thank You for a Positive Experience!

Sylvia G. Soria,
ASQ Lower Rio Grande