Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a podcast covering lean six sigma, organizational excellence and leadership.

So, would you kindly share what is your favorite podcast? Or just make a suggestion I'm fully open.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.



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@Norm Howe @jeffrey veyera does TWE have a podcast or is that HD&L?

@Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo Gemba Academy has a weekly podcast that covers those topics -

There is no cost.

Norm Howe
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@Aimee Siegler The Fearless Workplace

A place free from anxiety, worry, and abuse. A place we love to work because we can be our authentic selves every day. A place where we can do our best work.

If this doesn't sound like your workplace, don't worry --- "The Fearless Workplace" is here to help! Every two weeks, Norm and Jeff will bring you another terrific expert for a wide-ranging and fun discussion of how we can drive fear from the workplace once and for all. Join us!

@Peter Stamps
Thank you for sharing, I've add it in my favorite list now. really appreciate.

@Norm Howe
Thank you, I'm starting to listen the TWEF podcast from the episode 01 😅. It's interesting. I also add the Hidden brain in my favorite list.