Back to school – What is on your training plan for September?
Trish Borzon
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For many of us, school is back in session after a wonderful summer of adventures. Now many people must return to the school time schedule – getting the kids ready, packing lunches, bus or drop off/pick up, and of course after school activities. Excitement courses through the air as we watch our children grow and learn.

But what about you? As adults we should continue this practice of learning. I’ve signed up for several LinkedIn Learning sessions, community webinars, and outlined reading materials to enhance my career. What about you?

What do you plan on learning in September?

Please share your thoughts and keep learning!


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@Trish Borzon I plan to complete at least 1 hour of professional development each week via live webinar, recorded webcast and/or LinkedIn Learning.

@Peter Stamps According to the caption, users can see and learn more about Back to school – What is on your training plan for September, so keep reading this as the caption right here says stuff on reviews on purple cv, and if you are in need to find out about this then that would be best.

@Trish Borzon drift boss
I think I should learn some new languages because I find their accents quite interesting. Maybe I should learn a little more French.