Leaders and Managers are always SO BUSY, without ANY NOTICEABLE improvements whatsoever.
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I agree “Great leaders are NEVER too busy." People are at the center of your organization. Nothing happens without people who are committed and engaged. Bravo!

Vera Mulbah
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@Luigi Sille, It's also scary because some leaders act like they don't understand the flow of the process in their own department. I think they are busy with something else, and not on trying to understand their department and the people they managed.

A good reminder about qualities of leadership. Doing nothing is also a decision and sometimes (not often) is best. Having to make a decision when all available options are undesirable tests the metal of leadership as does making a decision that you know is not going to be popular. Getting people engaged and committed - performing to their potential - is the art of leadership and not easing mastered. Obama apparently had one saying in the Oval office - Hard work is hard. Real leadership is hard work.

@John De Lucia
Sir, all due respect, this is a professional networking site, I believe you may be looking for Facebook.

@Vera Mulbah
I am experiencing this currently. In preparation for our IATF audit; it was very difficult to get process owners on board. They could not not understand that needed direct the conversation on the process they own, but I know they don't understand all them. Even through we have practiced for weeks. Fortunately, we got trhu it, but there needs to be engagement within the processes or its broken.