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Hi All,

Does anyone have insight into or experience with controlling forms built into an intranet web page? We are using ISO 9001:2015 as our guiding requirements for documented information but are struggling with the migration to the online world.

We have a number of forms that used to be standalone Word or Excel documents that are now being migrated to a form within an intranet web page. Because things are more dynamic and have additional flexibility in this online environment we are finding it difficult to translate the previous methodology that worked well for more static documents.

We are primarily interested in whether other organizations try to control these online forms with similar methods to a standalone Word or Excel document, or whether they just rely on the software development lifecycle and related tools (Github/Azure Devops) to provide the required traceability?

Thank you in advanced for any feedback you can provide.

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Trish Borzon
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@Debbie Hole - Thanks for your post. We have several discussions on this topic.

Tagging some of the experts for input - @Duke Okes, @Grace Duffy, @Jerry Rice, @Aimee Siegler, @Jeffrey Wenzel, @Jeremiah Genest

@Debbie Hole My experience is from a highly regulated industry so I'm a little biased.

Regarding forms, the important things are:

  1. Version control of the master form
  2. Ensuring the user uses the master form
  3. Control of the executed form
  4. Necessary workflow steps

I've had a lot of success building this using Sharepoint, which has workflow tools.

I've written some on my blog on this:

@Debbie Hole, we use the raw Word/Excel file to create/revise the form or document at my company, but when we upload to our intranet SharePoint site, we first convert it to PDF so that the form cannot be changed. What is available on our SharePoint site is the officially released form and users do not have access to the raw Word/Excel file. The PDF even has a watermark that states “UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED,” or similar verbiage. That is how me maintain revision control of forms/documents.

Thank you, @Trish Borzon, for the shout out. Happy to help.

@Debbie Hole, to be clear, you're looking at how to control the form itself, not the subsequent record that is created as the result of the form, correct?

@Jeremiah Genest, thank you very much, I will check out those blogs and follow up on any questions.

@Jeffrey Wenzel, thank you for your reply. This is similar to how we've built our SharePoint eDMS and control forms that aren't considered “eforms" which are being developed through another platforms but we want to ensure are accessible through the eDMS. So in short, the control of the eform development is outside of the eDMS but the approval of the final form version is controlled through the eDMS and then a link to the eform is published through the eDMS. The eform is not a file that is printed and will contain the Doc ID and Revision number. We just want to make sure we have the right controls in place to manage these eforms and there doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there with our type of situation.

@Aimee Siegler, yes, you are correct. I provided a little more information under Jeffrey's post but you'd like more details please let me know. Thanks so much.