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Have you used Power BI? Can you recommend some resources to learn to use that Microsoft app? Thank you!

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Trish Borzon
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@Anastasis Alayon - I'll ask my internal team. We do use it here at ASQ

Trish Borzon
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@Anastasis Alayon and @Frazier Pruitt - My IT guys said “As far as resources go for beginners, LinkedIn Learning is a great place to start with this."

@Anastasis Alayon I agree that LinkedInLearning has some great courses. For beginners, I really like a series by Gini von Courter. For detailed information (for when you break things or get errors!) I really like the documentation straight from Microsoft here: Power BI guidance documentation - Power BI | Microsoft Docs. Check with your IT team; you may have access to live trainings here: Online Professional Training from Microsoft Store. And finally, look for online communities for support and engagement. The Data Visualization Society is a great place for inspiration on how to make your data look good. @Trish Borzon could we get a Data Visualization group going in myASQ if there's not one already?

@Trish Borzon Thank you!

@William Farrell thank you so much for all the information! That group idea sounds great!

@Anastasis Alayon
Rob Collie has an excellent book on Power BI.

@Anastasis Alayon hi. There are also YouTube channels dedicated to the app, which have a ton of videos to peruse. Some even offer live Q&A sessions via YouTube. In addition to the MicroSoft Power BI YouTube channel, Kevin Stratvert, Avi Singh, and Guy in a Cube have really good Power BI content.

Also, I understand that you're asking about learning how to use the Power BI app. Not sure if it's for improving your skill set or to support a work-related initiative. But I wanted to share that licensing might be a consideration. Although anyone can get a free account, to allow for sharing and full interaction with docs created in Power BI, the recipients of the docs need to be licensed. Their licensing structure is probably more palatable for a small org. or team, but can quickly become cost prohibitive for larger orgs. Depending on what your trying to do, it might be worth looking into.

It's a fun app to work with. Good luck!

@Anastasis Alayon There is also a free class they offer through Microsoft called Dashboard in a Day that I found very useful to learning the tool. They walk you through creating a dashboard with some pre-selected data.