Call for ASQ Speakers at the Quality Engineering Management Forum at Amazon Lab126!

Calling all ASQ speakers ! We kindly invite you to present any of your quality or quality engineering topics at the Quality Engineering Management Forum at Amazon Lab126 in Sunnyvale, CA. Including virtual/call-in presentations. Please let me know! Thanks, -Andrew Tong (member, San Francisco chapter)

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Hi Andrew, Would like to learn a bit more about this forum and topics of interest. I am interested in presenting .


@Maitrayee Ganguly thank you for reaching out! The QEM Forum at Amazon is made up of quality engineering managers (QEMs) at Amazon, and its basic purpose is to continually advance QEMs in quality / quality engineering by sharing best known methods, learning new things and developing new skills or maintain/strengthen skills in quality / quality engineering. In the past, the forum was limited to internal speakers only, but we are expanding it to external speakers. Also happy to talk with you 1-on-1 / offline to iron out details on having you present to the forum!

@Andrew Tong
Hi Andrew, I'd be happy to support you. Would you be interested in a discussion of new process design and virtual process prototyping?

Jay Arthur
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@Andrew Tong
Would you be interested in “Agile Lean Six Sigma - Hacking Lean Six Sigma for Results?”

I have done this presentation for many sections.

Here's a video from a recent session:

@Andrew Tong I'd be happy to help with virtual, as SF is a bit far for casual travel. I have presentations prepared on change management, data integrity, risk management, knowledge management and the like. Take a look at this blog page for a list of some I've given.


@Andrew Tong can you tell me more about this event? Would you be interested in a project management, gamification, or generations at work presentation?

@Andrew Tong Hello Andrew. @Edwin Garro and I could speak on Creativity Tools for Quality Managers or the Quality Manager as a Creative Catalyst. Let us know if this topic would be of interest and what you need from us and when. We would love to talk with you.

Jayet Moon
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@Andrew Tong
Would be happy to talk about risk and innovation. Feel free to check my book out:

Hi Andrew, this is zhenpeng. I was the speaker for 2022 WCQI. I am interested for this event and would like to know more about this. thank you