Document library using MS sharepoint


  • I am working with an automotive T1 company. We are trying to migrate the document library from computer/server to MS SharePoint as it will help us with automation of
  • check in/ check out of documents
  • document controller will get automatic email notifications
  • can define level of control to folders/file like read/write/modify etc…..

Can someone share their experience on implementing this and help me to understand how can I do this ?

Thanks in advance.

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For what you are describing in your post, it's a fairly easy, straight forward process. But I have two questions for you.

  1. Does your company have a SP administrator/knowledge manager who will be doing the actual work of setting up your portal site?
  2. Or are you going to be the person doing all the work?

Most organizations that have SP, have someone knowledgeable enough in SP to take your basic requirements and set up your document worksite. Once they have it set up, it will be simple for you to maintain and administer.

If you have to do it from soup to nuts by yourself, that is a different story. You will need to learn more about SharePoint. Please contact me off line if you want, and we can discuss in further detail.

This is a good thread as our company is also trying to migrate from sharepoint to sharepoint 365 at some point. The current set up we have for SharePoint is not the most easy to use (except for me who's the Change Mgmt. Lead/handles all docs for approval) and we never were able to get workflows set up as there was a technical issue. We did it ourselves and did not have an admin. We are a small business. I think we have better people on board to help organize it this go around but I am curious - do you have experience with developing such libraries, Edmund? thank you!

I do. However, the most recent update, I was more in a supervisory role, rather than in the doing role. But I understand what needs to be done and could do it myself, if need be.

wow that's great. Did you use sharepoint designer or out of the box sharepoint in office 365? As we go to SharePoint I think we may just develop separate sites for documents as that's the best way for restrictions. I'd like to connect with you in the case I have questions if you dont mind!

I have done this with our documents and it works very well.

  1. Set up a SharePoint site and sync it with Teams
  2. Set up folders for what you need to have approved or tracked. I dump documents that need review or approval into designated folders with Flows (PowerAutomate) set up to send out emails to the appropriate employees. There are tons of templates available.
  3. An approval email has an Approve and Reject button with a comments section. The hardest thing for me has been getting everyone used to looking for these emails. The approvals or rejections are tracked through Teams Activity. As the approvals are completed you can see who has completed the task and who is outstanding. Then you'll receive and email saying the document is approved or rejected, as well as it being contained in Teams.

I am currently working to set up an MOC work flow that will automatically trigger email notifications along the way. This is a bit more complicated because it requires serial notifications.

Also, I have set up a flow on tracking sheets so I know when anyone has opened the document.