Advice on providing QMS Refresher Training?

I'm part of a small team that's responsible for providing QMS training to new employees at a growing medical device company. We are planning to start providing refresher QMS training on an annual basis to all employees. The audience is 250 very busy folks (mostly engineers), and expected to grow to 500 in the next 2-3 years. A traditional in-person simple power point presentation method will not be practical or scalable. Can anyone in the community give advice on how ongoing QMS training is provided and documented in larger companies?

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Try using a training platform like Docebo where you can put all of the training documents including powerpoint, videos, SOPs and the like. This also allows for testing and tracking of the training. It has self reminders and EE's can do the training on their own time.

Just for clarity so I answer the right question. Are you asking on the mechanics of delivering training or on the method of determine the training content?

The mechanics and maybe the logistics of how you deliver this type of training to large numbers of staff. Current limitations are that our small team isn't solely dedicated to training (so can't dedicate large amounts of time on an ongoing basis to refresher training) and we don't yet have a platform that ensures recorded trainings are viewed prior to any sort of assessment form as evidence of completing the training. We probably need to consider dedicating resources one way or another to this but not sure which direction to take.

However, suggestions on determining content would also be welcome. Ideas to make it interesting, useful, palatable. Keeping it relevant and varied is also a challenge if it is going to be provided on an annual basis.


In large organisation there are online courses arranged in multiple modules

split the QMS into multiple modules like Basics - principles , QMS structure

company procedures etc , supply chain QMS , operation etc

also the target audience can be split into multiple groups based on their job description

based on job description level QMS awareness and areas of focus can be given training

basics of QMS is common for all

Hi Susan,

I have been a part of different modular training that works well. It's a format when you complete one module you gain access to the next module, etc.

I would suggest a generic module on Quality ("What's in it for me" type of thing), brief modules on each of the main standard clauses, and an applications module (how to put it all together). Maybe include a test at the end or a short quiz at the end of each module. Good luck!