On-site "Auditing"

I intend to visit a supplier for a particular project. I've never done an audit before and don't have any guidance in my company (noone with quality experience). What is the best way to go about this?

Can I just tell them it is an unofficial audit. May just ask for a tour. I do want to ensure there process maintains our expected quality levels.

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Janet Lentz
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Hi Steven, audits are basically understanding what the requirements are and then checking to see if the requirements have been met. Learn all you can about the project requirements, and ask the supplier how they ensure they are meeting all of them. What are their internal requirements and how do they meet those? Write everything down so you can make a coherent report. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, and you will get better as you receive training and get experience.

Hi Steven, You can't do an ‘audit’ unless you have something to audit them against otherwise it's just a meet and greet. What does your company expect in the product/services from the company? Do you have specs they need to meet? Go ask the people at your company, read your manuals and specification sheets? Once you know this, then you can make a checklist for records for the company you are visiting. How can they meet your specs? Ask for records to show how they meet your specs? How often do they check? Is that good enough for you? Do they need to be ISO anything accredited for you? It's a process that you want to be prepared for.