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Hi ASQ Community! I am the Lead for Documented Information and Records Management for a large division of a large company. We are AS9100 and ISO9000 certified. I have 20+ years experience. We've been managing our documented information (policies, procedures, etc.) using the same structure and processes for many years. We want to refresh/improve our processes to ensure we're keeping up to date with industry standards and best practices. I'm reaching out as I'd like to hear from other Document Control teams to understand what document types you may be using, how the documents are organized and how other teams categorize the information. Are there things you've discovered in your processes that you would have done differently to achieve better results? Any and all information your willing to share would be great. Thank you!

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Karen Romero - thanks for joining us here on myASQ. We've had a few discussions recently on setting up QMS, which you might find interesting, but they don't really get into What is being documented.

This one is particularly good -

I'll tag a few people from those discussion. @Duke Okes , @Grace Duffy @Chris Deardorff @Janet Lentz

Best of luck!