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Hello Everyone,

I need your help and especially your valuable advice to help to find the right certification. Actually, I'm a Black Belt in a Mining company from this January 2021, and my background is Business Management. Thus, my concerns is that I want to enhance my skills and get the right certificate especially to boost my career. I'm really passionate about continuous improvement and LSS. So, I can't decide among those three:

  • Risk Management Specialized Credential;
  • Lean Specialized Credential;
  • CQIA;

I'm looking forward to read from you, and I'm open for any recommendation.



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Hi Misa! It depends on what you want to be when you grow up!

If you're already a black belt, I'm assuming that you've been working for some period of time. Risk management is applicable anywhere, as is lean. If you see yourself in management in the future, you may want to consider CMQ/OE rather than CQIA, as CQIA is an entry-level certification. When I took the CMQ/OE exam, the BoK was comparable to the content of my MBA-level Operations Management class.

No certification will be harmful in your career path, but I would look up and ahead when selecting. I hope that this is helpful. Feel free to reach out if I can be of further assistance.

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Hello Aimee,

Thank you for sharing your insight. It's very helpful because I'm interested by the CMQ/OE now. It's more clear.

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Duke Okes
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You might see if this helps any:

Thank you Duke.




Hope you are doing well.

My last questions are:

  • Is this interesting to be certified with the Lean and Risk management special credential?
  • If yes, which on will you do first?

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Both of these topics are in solid demand, but I see a lot of emphasis on risk management, especially since it has been more broadly recognized as an integral part of a robust management system.

Have a Happy New Year!


Many thanks Aimee. Really appreciate.

This is what I wanted to hear.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!