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Folks, we are in search of a modern Process Audit solution. I would really appreciate any recommendations for the same. Any insights on Benefits/Weak points would be a bonus.

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Bhavan Pandya

Tagging a few members who might have suggestions:

@Duke Okes, @Franklin Hutto , @Grace Duffy , @Susanne Burke , @Steven Prevette, @George Kiakis - any suggestions?

Thanks all!


It would be helpful to know some details of what your needs are. For example, what is the risk level of the software - is this a medical diagnosis software? Controls at a nuclear power plant? How complex is it, how unique is it. Is it an off the shelf program, programmed by a third party, self programmed? What is the complexity of the software? Does it fall under any regulatory requirements?

Steven, we are looking for an off the shelf solution. No regulation involved. This is a continuous improvement opportunity for us. I am looking for what companies we should contact as part of our Discovery process

Hi, @Bhavan Pandya

I’d be interested know more about your specific requirements. I built TaskTrain as a simple process workflow management application, but depending on your needs, its multi-level checklist structure may make it suitable for basic audits, as well. You can test it out for free yourself but I’m happy to chat to learn about your requirements and evaluate any adaptations that may make it more suitable for auditing purposes.

Try iAuditor. It is a subscription based service that runs on the cloud. It can be accessed through tablets. Fairly easy to set up. The cost is reasonable. There are some reports built in and data can be downloaded into spreadsheet. Reporting is the only aspect that needs improvement.

Good morning Bhavan,

I apologize for my late response here. I work for a small company called TIP Technologies, Inc. We produce an all-encompassing Quality Management Software solution. One component of this packing is Audit Management, and within that, we provide the capability to perform process-based audits.

We establish a large pool of common evaluation or auditing criteria within our system. These are all criteria that you build and maintain. Those criteria can then be leveraged in multiple methods for different audit types.

What is additionally lovely is that our system allows you to have multiple different audit types for different functions. This could be supplier, process, safety, accounting, or any multitude of auditing requirements. Additionally, they could be internal or external auditing requirements.

If you would like to know any more, please feel free to reach out. Oh, in addition to the auditing component, our system is also fully integrated to within itself to the other modules such as Corrective Action, Advanced Product Quality, Complaint Handling, Document Management, Gage and Tool, Nonconformance Management, Inspection (Receiving and In-Process), and much, much more.

B/R, Frank