Business improvement department Process

Hello ASQers,

Based on your experiences, I'd like to know how a business improvement department should work? what is the output and what kind of KPI should we have?

We would like to standardize/ structure our “new” department and I'm looking for some example and ideas.

If you have some standard or reference book to share, don't hesitate.

Looking forward to reading from you.



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Dear Misa,
I've been through a lot of organizational formats in my career. There really isn't a single good "template", and any effective business department will undergo its own (continuous) changes in every progressive case. TWO things are essential - REAL Management commitment and backing, and relevant KPI's - developed BY the senior management (you may help them). Good or bad, THEY are the ones that are going to be measured, whether you know of them or not. One of the better approaches that I have seen (and used) comes from Forrest Breyfogle III.
I would prefer a broader Department Title though, more related to overall corporate quality or excellent. ANY time an objective label gets put on a department (or individual) it quickly devolves into THAT department's responsibility instead of a corporate one! The best recommendations left unexecuted (see Management Commitment) don't improve anything.
Best regards,
Steven Cooke, MChE, CQA, CQE

Hello Steven,

Thank you for sharing your thought, really appreciate.

I'll take look at the website and see it in another insight.

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