World Quality Month is here - What is your quality win?
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Hi everyone,

World Quality Month starts November 1! We've created Banners, posters, social media images, and Webcam, Desktop, and mobile wallpaper backgrounds for you to celebrate quality wins. Find all at

What is your quality win?

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i think a Quality Win would be for more of ASQ's Professional Members to upgrade to ASQ Senior Member. This upgrade would:

  • Immediately increase the Member Value realized each year.
  • Raise their stature as subject experts, member leaders, authors, and conference presenters
  • Make the members eligible for more discounts, benefits, perks, and opportunities
  • Help ASQ and its Member Units by increasing the rates of member retention among its existing members
  • Cultivating new leaders by growing from within instead of chasing executives for affiliation

It seems that ASQ HQ's Membership and Community Managers teams are aligned, but we need to get other participants and stakeholders fully on board with promoting and encouraging member upgrades. Ultimately, it's up to us to create curiosity by promoting the benefits.

Trish Borzon
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What was your personal quality win @Daniel Zrymiak ?

I would say one of mine was hosting/facilitating the Speaker Lounge zoom meeting for WCQI. More than 100 attendees asking questions (and trying to keep up with it all) Such a great way for attendees to meet the speakers and ask questions directly to presenters!!

Hi everyone,

Since I got my CMQOE certification end of 2020, I've been more interested and passionate about strategic planning. I've been working at a small company since early 2019 and proposed a strategic planning program to the owners. Since early 2021, we kicked off our program and has been well-received, integrated throughout all management, cascaded to all teams, and successful so far.

My quality win is that I was able to help facilitate the transformation in this small family business and help shape how it operates today using the plethora of knowledge from the Quality certification program, the ASQ Quality community, and helpful webinars over the past few years from insightful Quality experts.

Thank you to all the Quality experts out there that continue to make contributions to our Quality community! Happy World Quality Month everyone!


Corey Wyatt, CMQ/OE

Trish Borzon
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@Corey Wyatt - that is awesome! Congratulations

David Hehir
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Yield loss on one key project 2019-2020 45% - Yield loss on this project 2021 results coming this month expecting below 10%.

Hello everyone,

I've been working on a small company for a few months, my first and foremost quality win would be to have a sound QMS, at the moment the company does not have a QMS, and as a result there are a lot of repetitive problems, that can't even be analyzed, because there is no system to track issues. So be able to implement a sound quality management system, to be able to manage our activities more easily could be a nice step on our quality road.

Hello everyone,

My 2021 Quality win and a true honor was to be published in Quality Progress:

and start to lead a fantastic team of talented Quality Engineers in my organization.

Alexander Kholodov

World Quality Month 2021, celebrated at INFORMATION SOCIETY S.A. (KtP M.A.E.)

INFORMATION SOCIETY S.A. (KtP M.A.E., #transformingGreece) is a leading non-profit general government agency and one of the largest European Union co-funded beneficiaries in Greece, for two decades now. The company's core business is the project management of large and medium scale ICT (Information & Communications Technology) projects, for the entire span of government / public Greek authorities and the management of ICT state aid to SMEs and citizens.

Within the context of Quality 4.0, the company’s Quality Department decided to celebrate World Quality Month 2021 by continuing its annual tradition of presenting simple and practical quality methodologies and tools that everyone in the company can adopt and use at work, as well as in their personal life. So, on Nov. 12th, KtP M.A.E.'s Quality & Administrative Proficiency Manager organized an event and delivered an interactive presentation entitled: “Making use of the Critical to Quality Tree (CQT) in KtP M.A.E.’s projects and internal functions, in the Age of Quality 4.0”.

During the event, which was attended by the company’s personnel and distinguished guests, the tool’s added-value and benefits (at work and at home) were highlighted, giving clear, concise and practical guidance and examples on how to use the tool, productively, efficiently and effectively.

This small contribution to "A win for one is celebrated by all" (2021 World Quality Month motto) was one more celebration for Quality in every aspect of our lives.

Great opportunity! Good luck with your QMS implementation.

Hmm, I would say my biggest quality win from 2021 was running a data-informed update on an internal CI coaching workforce development program that went from a 36 Net Promoter Score (NPS) to 83 NPS and increased learner competence on all 5 learner objectives. The changes made to the pilot for the second run came from learner feedback that was themed and trended into a pareto analysis.

  • Japan has celebrated World Quality Month in November since 1960.
  • China originally recognized World Quality Month in September starting in 1978.
  • North America started raising awareness in 1988 and originally celebrated in October.
  • First promulgated by the United Nations in 1990, World Quality Day aims to raise international awareness of the important role quality plays in ensuring nations’ prosperity. Now it is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of November. UNO Online