Developing/Teaching an Introductory course in Quality Fundamentals for College (3 Credits)

Dear ASQ Colleagues,

After a rewarding 30-year career in project managing and quality, I retired and now tutor mathematics at the local community college. I am thinking of starting an introductory college level (for credit course) in quality fundamentals. Any suggestions on a textbook, teaching materials, projects, learning games, etc. would be highly appreciated. Thanks very kindly.

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Hi Gulamhusain, I use Victor E. Sower's Essentials of Quality in my Quality Management class at Nova Southeastern University

Hi Gulamhusain, There is a consortium of California community college professors who all teach quality with the goal of helping their students pass the CQIA. Reach out to Terri Quenzer via LinkedIn

D. C. Montgomery “Statistics for Quality Control” has spawned an “Introduction to…” with JMP. That might make statistics palatable

Thank you Lawrence!
Thank you Paul, will follow up with the consortia.
Thank you Steven, will look into Sower's text.

I do teach a data analysis using Excel Spreadsheet course for SIUC IT. I've built a lot of Dr, Deming's theories (and other quality issues) into it, including the Red Beads, 14 Points and SOPK. If you'd like to take a look at my course materials to see if anything is useful for you I'd be happy to share. It is an online course, so I have several discussion topics which have been popular with the students. I also have some power points from teaching Nuclear Quality Assurance for AIken Tech.

Hi Gulamhusain - I also use the Stowers' textbook for my senior-level general introduction to Quality. I prefer to give them hands-on activities, so in class, they have a series of assignments that generally follow the DMAIC cycle including problem statement, process mapping, and FMEA among other things. If you'd like more details, you can email me.

Stephen, thank you for the offer to see the materials in your Introductory course in Quality Fundamentals. I would like to see some of the materials you have used in your class, if this offer is still available.


Murray Olsen

Thank you Steven Pervette.

Your course material sure sounds comprehensive with Deming's experiments. I'd like to take a look at if possible. My email is, I am also on LinkedIn.

Thank you Sandra, I will message you.

Jayet Moon
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A modern Quality course should also focus on risk management.

Thank you Jayet, A good topic not to be overlooked!

Hi Ahmed, I hopeful that my book might help you. It was intended to be an introduction to Quality. It covers both the technical concepts of quality, as well of the people side of quality (often forgotten), I would love to assist any way I can to help expand the opportunities for quality training, I'll send you a quick note.

Thanks Joseph! People side of Quality, thanks for the reminder.

Good day!

I used Quality Improvement, 9th edition by Besterfield for the Quality Control class in my Metrology program, but that might be a bit advanced for what you want. If you are going to request a desk copy for review, I would go ahead and ask for Quality, 6th Edition by Summers as well. Good luck!

Grace Duffy
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Gulamhusain, I developed a 6-course curriculum for a quality certificate at a technical college some years ago. I still have copies of the original syllabi. I am happy to send you versions of each of the courses, if that will help you. I used Evans and Lindsay's Management for Quality and Performance Excellence as the Quality 101 text book. It is useful for anything from freshman to graduate level course work. Excellent text based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Model and the Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence certification body of knowledge from ASQ. Find me at and I will send you the files.

I also use Besterfield as one of my textbooks. It was useful and my students found it easy to follow.

Grace Duffy
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YES!!! I used Dales' book for my Quality Stats course. He used to help me with the instructor guide. We lost him some years ago. I got to thank him publicly at a conference in Ohio in front of 400 people for all his mentoring. It was a great opportunity to recognize him for being not only a strong quality professional, but a great guy.

Hi everyone! Great discussion topic and one that is needed to keep Quality education relevant. I recently gave a talk for my section (ASQ Hamilton (Canada/Greenland)) about how to keep Quality education relevant as our industries become more automated, controlled and data driven. My take is that it comes down to all stakeholders co-creating content especially at the post-secondary level. In many cases there are one-two courses as part of the POS within engineering, technology or business programs. What do we do with this time? Focus on tools? Focus on concepts? Focus on certifications? There really is so much content. There really is no one right answer. That said, I do believe that basic concepts will never go away - so that is always a place to start.