Organizational Design Question

Hello, all! I'd like to know the reporting structure of the quality team(s) you've encountered, and which you've found most effective. Not the structure of the team itself but rather the executive/leader to whom the team reports. CEO? CFO? COO? CIO? Thanks in advance!

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Duke Okes
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Depends a lot on type and size of business. Have seen many variations.

Jayet Moon
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I'd say it has to be CEO

Janet Lentz
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I’ve worked in multiple industries in middle management through senior management. My long experience is the higher up the principal quality professional reports, the better. When quality is downgraded to middle management only it does not garner the same respect and it’s much harder to get production personnel to care or comply

Its generally reporting to top authority so that Quality become independent How ever for an organisation with matured Quality culture i don't see the reporting issue
Jay Arthur
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To succeed, teams need two levels of sponsorship. First, the team has a manager. That's the first level. That manager has supervisor, that's the second level. Depending on the size of the organization, this could be line manager and director, never touching the CEO. I did a video about this a while back.

I think the effectiveness of the Quality Team has less to do with the title of the C-level officer they report to and more to do with the knowledge and influence that C-level officer has on her/his peers and the rest of the organization. I personally have reported up through CEO, CFO, COO, and now CIO. Of course, reporting up through the CEO seems to eliminate any concerns about maximizing effectiveness.